Sehome Neighborhood Association

Creating Community, Representing Residents, and Informing You

Tuesday, September 27th General Meeting

6:30pm social, 7:00pm meeting- meeting at McKays outdoor seating area, our first in person meeting in almost 3 years! Zoom link is posted below, and will open at 7PM. You will be able to see our presenter and ask questions through the chat. We will catch folks up on recent news of the neighborhood and hang out with neighbors.


Whatcom City Zen Presenter Steve Avila

Steve lived in the Edgeview neighborhood of Auburn WA in 2015. He was an average guy, didn’t know his neighbors and thought that crime wasn’t really a problem-until his house and car were robbed. Determined to do something about the problem Steve began to get to know his neighbors and created a neighborhood watch program that ended up doing food drives, creating enduring bonds and lowering crime. Today Steve lives in Bellingham and got started helping people during flooding last year. He started Whatcom City Zen, a group that watches trail head parking areas by setting up welcome stations while also being present while people are out hiking. They also do projects for the food bank, and have supported Lydia’s Place. Steve has creative ideas for ways for neighborhoods to work together, and will tell us his story.

 911 Key Street c. 1914, Image from the Whatcom Museum

Our Neighborhood

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Why You’ll Love Sehome

With over 70% of our neighborhood within 1/2 mile of a grocery store and 1/4 mile from a park, we have one of the most walkable neighborhoods in the city.

  • Community engagement
  • Diversity in home type
  • Proximity to Sehome Hill Arboretum
  • Access to beautiful university campus
  • Future Samish Way Urban Village development